• Verify that all information you are submitting to us is correct, including your e-mail address.  If we cannot reach you by e-mail, we will not be able to answer your questions.
  • State the problem clearly and succinctly. When a problem is reported as "My site doesn't work", we will definitely have to ask you for more information. Provide all relevant details of the problem, and if possible, the steps necessary to reproduce it.
  • If you are encountering an error, provide the full and specific content of the error message.
  • If a specific page is not functioning as intended (such as form), provide the address of the affected page.
  • If you already have a hosting account with us, always include your domain name when submitting a support inquiry.
  • If you are asking about an issue regarding your reseller account, always include your reseller ID number.
  • If you are having problems sending or receiving e-mail, use an e-mail account that is not affected by the problem.
  • Avoid using e-mail addresses with autoresponders. This just clutter our mailboxes and waste time that is better spent answering your questions.
  • When responding back to us, always include all previous replies relevant to the issue and do not change the subject line in the message. This can cause significant delays in our ability to respond to you because we must locate your previous inquiries.

Note for America Online Users: You can include the content of the message you are replying to by selecting it in AOL's mail program before hitting the Reply button.

  • If you are reporting a problem with FrontPage and you have already installed the FrontPage extensions, always include the password you used when installing them.
  • For questions regarding, please contact

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